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Data Engineering Development Services customized!

Data Engineering

  • Get the data which acts as the only source of genuinity. Keep it simple yet comprehensive technology infrastructure that not only makes data easily fetchable but also easy to manage and maintainable.
  • We are proficient in maintaining high volumes and complex data and processing it at high speed. With this proficiency and experience in building and executing robust data lake frameworks, we focus to build the easy-to-use, turbo-powered & highly efficient solutions that answers all your business needs and concerns & enable quick decision making.

Who we are

At "Benthon Labs" we believe the most critical thing that a company can do to survive in the post-digital age is to nurture its employees. Choosing team-building strategies emphasize integrity, honesty, teamwork and communication. However, we believe that each individual should be rewarded based on their contributions, be trusted for their experience, and be offered an employee-friendly environment.

Data Architecture

  • Design DE cloud solutions designed by a team of certified experts.
  • Preparation and automation of ETL processes for multi-structured data.
  • Design optimization of database and data warehouse platforms.
  • Preparation of software solutions for integrating systems.

Data Processing

  • Implementation of scalable data driven solutions.
  • Real-time and batch data pipelines & processing.
  • Data quality and standardisation services.
  • Data integration & maintenance services.
  • Data lakes & data warehouses setup.

Data Analytics

  • Consultancy and preparation of a plan for analytical method development.
  • Preparation of recommendation systems.
  • Searching for patterns in sequential data.
  • Quality evaluation of organisations’ analytical products.

Domain Expertise

Data discovery & Data maturity assessment

Data Quality checks and standardisation

Cloud based scalable solutions for large volumes of data

Real-time and batch data processing

Optimization of Database and data warehouse platforms

Advanced data analytics

Web API & data streaming development

Agile and customer-oriented work process

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A Robust Financial Advisor Matching Solution

Learn how we developed a financial advisor matching platform to digitize processes and create a curated network & connection between Local Retirement Specialists, Financial Planners, and Investment Managers.

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10+ people

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Period of Collaboration

2019 - present

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Client's Location



Explore Breweries and Sakes in Japan

Sakewiz came with the concept of “Connecting the world with sake” in the hope of spreading sake to the world. Sake is a wonderful product that can be proud of in the world and symbolizes Japanese food culture.

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10+ people

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Period of Collaboration

2019 - present

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Client's Location



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