“Besides providing a customer-focused approach, Benthon also shows value to employees.”

Benefits and Perks

  • Flexible Timings
    Flexible Working Hours

    No restrictions on work timings, can work anytime either in day or night as per your convenience.

  • Medical Insurance
    Medical Insurance

    Employees’ health is our number one priority. If health is insured then, the company is also insured.

  • Medical Coverage
    Monthly Tech Talks

    We schedule once or twice in a month tech talks where all seniors and juniors share about their tech works.

  • Paid Leave Policy
    Paid Leave Policy

    Employees can take earned leaves, casual leaves and medical leaves anytime.

  • Work Anniversary
    Work Anniversary celebrations

    Completed every year milestone, we celebrate this day with you to make it more memorable.

  • Celebration
    Birthday Celebration

    Apart from celebrating birthdays with your friends and family, we celebrate your birthday too.

  • Gratuity

    It's a small part of the salary we take for your savings for future long term financial planning.

  • Awards and Recognition
    Awards and Recognition

    If you are working extraordinarily well and achieving results for us, we too care for you to give various types of awards and rewards too.

  • Training and Certifications
    Training and Certifications

    Need any skill to upgrade your profile, we provide training and certification to upskill you.

  • Performance-based Bonuses
    Performance-based Bonuses

    The more you are performing to achieve results, the more you get rewards and bonuses.

  • Paid Internships
    referral Bonus

    We give you a handsome monetary bonus if you refer someone who is a perfect fit for our company and works for us.

“Besides providing a customer-focused approach, Benthon also shows value to employees.”