Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

The qualities depend on the position you’re applying for, but all our questions are intended to help us understand you as an individual. On a wider level, we want individuals who are skilled in technology and have rock-solid technical skills. We want people who can take ownership and see the intersection between the work they have done and the work we are hiring them to do.

To assess your abilities, we will ask you relevant questions related to the technical skills required to be successful in the role. Of course, the questions will vary depending on the profile. But for the technical positions, we dig deep into your previous work and the technology stack you have worked on. You will also be required to give a code/ design test during the interview.

  • Apply: Fill and submit our application form for the position you want to apply for.
  • Review: Our HR Team will review your application and will get in touch with you ASAP.
  • Interview: If your application and resume are found relevant, Our managers will take your interview to test your skills and capabilities.
  • Onboarding: Successful interview will land you a position on our team.
  • Learn the ropes: Reach milestones and we will grow together.
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You can still send us your resume and we will get back to you when there is an opportunity that matches your skills. You can drop us an email at with your CV and tell us a bit about yourself.

Employee growth at Benthon Labs is determined purely based on performance outcomes and you have the opportunity to define your own career path. Here, you will meet people who are full of purpose and are true innovators at heart. We care deeply about employee aspirations, which is why we commit ourselves to challenging and complex projects so our engineers can work with different technologies and evolve their skills over time.

At Benthon Labs, we are building a remote-friendly work culture that focuses on collaboration, meaningful relationships, and a sense of community. By embracing a model that supports both remote and in-office experiences, we are giving everyone the flexibility they need. We have our fully-operational office available to those who value an in-office experience while welcoming team members who prefer to work in a remote setting.

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Our business operates on two models: clients can engage an in-house team to develop solutions, or they can hire Resource(s) as augmentation.